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Doing it Twice and Doing it Well

DOUBLE CLEANSING• Have you heard of it?

So here's the thing ... you can slather on all the expensive creams and serums you want but all of it will be of little effect if your skin isn't properly cleansed. The twice-a-week "double cleanse" is an effective step towards healthy gleaming skin.





Cleansing is one of the best things you can do for your skin, and double cleansing allows you to maximise the process. A stellar cleansing routine means that you’re set up for (skincare) success, enhancing the treatments you apply after.

You might have heard of double cleansing, but let's really understand why it's cool. It's a two-step thing. First, you get rid of makeup, dirt, pollution, and all that junk that's in your pores and on your skin after a day out. Then comes round two, where you make sure anything missed in the first round gets the boot, like any leftover bits of cleanser. The bonus? Your skin ends up super clean and totally ready to soak in whatever skincare goodness you use next!

Here are some do’s, don’ts and everything in between when it comes to perfecting your double cleansing routine.

DO: Go for a cleansing oil or balm as your first cleanse. These guys are pros at removing even the toughest, stay-put makeup. They can also get into your pores where oil and gunk build up. And the cool part? These oil-based products can even out your skin's oiliness while they clean, so they're great for folks with shiny skin. Apply your cleansing oil or balm with dry hands to start with and then add water. This means the cleanser will be able to lift and melt everything off effectively. Oil dissolves oil (both oil-based makeup and oil on the skin) and when you add water it’ll start to turn milky before your final rinse. Use a foam or gel cleanser during your second cleansing step. Try using a gel or foam second, as this will ensure your skin is left squeaky clean by removing any traces of product. Your second cleanse won't require using a lot of product, the hard work is done with your first cleanse. If you have sensitive skin you may want to use a milk cleanser at this point as it is more gentle.

Double Cleanse at Night.

Double cleansing is usually done before bed. In the morning, your skin might have collected some oils and dirt overnight, but you don't usually have thick products to remove. Right after you wake up, a single round of cleansing is sufficient. On the flip side, after a full day, an extra cleansing step can really help.

DON'T: Use a foam, gel or exfoliating cleanser for both steps. This will strip or over exfoliate the skin. Instead, opt for two different formulas (oil, milk or balm first) to ensure that your skin is deeply cleansed but not stripped of essential moisture. Dry your face with a grubby towel that’s been sitting in your bathroom forever. Sure, this tip isn't just for double cleansing, but it's still important. You never really know what kind of germs are chillin' on your towel, especially in a cold, damp bathroom. So, it's a good idea to use a clean, dry washcloth or tissue to dry your skin. Use really hot water. Stick with lukewarm water, especially when you're doing a double cleanse. Using hot water can make the sensitive skin on your face dry up, leading to a weakened skin barrier that lets moisture escape faster.


Step 1. First use Luxi Buff Facial Cleanser.

It has a luxe blend of coconut oils, shea, and cocoa butter with avocado oil that helps dissolve dirt, oil, and makeup while delivering skin-brightening nutrients to your skin. Simply massage in for a minute and then remove with warm water using a flannel or tissue. It works gently without leaving skin feeling tight.

Step 2, You can repeat this first step or depending on skin type use a milky cleanser to remove any residue.

Step 3. Now it's time for another rinse. Using lukewarm water wash off the cleanser from your skin. You can gently pat your skin with a soft towel to remove some moisture, but leave some water behind. Your skin should still be slightly damp for the next part.

Step 4. Moisturise! When you put creams and lotions on damp skin, you seal in extra hydration. You can now use your layers of serum, moisturiser and face oils to lock in hydration.

I would recommend doing this double cleanse at least twice a week... you WILL notice a difference!

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