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3 Easy Ways to Save Your Soap

So, You’ve just bought this beautiful new soap home that you paid premium $$ for.

It smells amazing, it looks good enough to eat.

In fact, you're not sure that you even want to use it!

But now that you have lathered it up you want to make it last as long as possible.

Not an unreasonable request at all.

So what are some of the best ways to help make that happen?

Read on to find out.

It seems counterintuitive but what breaks your soap down the fastest is ... WATER!

Yep. You heard right, your soap doesn’t like wet feet.

Water or continuous water breaks down the precious oils and butters in your soap fast, as does heat and moisture.

So first up, even before using your soap make sure to store it in a dry cool place.

Then between washes, it's important to help your soap dry out thoroughly.

Here are 3 easy ways you can help make that happen.

1. Use a soap dish that has great drainage.

There needs to be suitable airflow all around the soap to help it dry out at much as possible between uses.

I'm sorry but that pretty ceramic dish just won't cut it. I'm sure you've all come across the dreaded slimy soap that can accumulate in the bottom of the dish. This is in fact, just all those good oils and butters literally melting away before you get a chance to use them.

The block dock has created an ingenious soap rack that can suction to your shower and it provides awesome drainage for your soap. Just be careful to position the rack clear of the spray of the showerhead.

Here at Luxi Buff we have a macrocapa soap rack that is actually made locally (Yah!). This is also a solid option, providing airflow all around your soap.

2. Cut your soap in half when you first get it. This extends the life of your soap.

Argh...I know this seems like a hard one. But another tip I use with this one is to rotate the halves.

This means that each half gets to dry out completely before the next use. And a hard bar is a good bar!

(You could also give each family member their own bar of soap to use, this means that each bar may be used only once in the shower per day rather than multiple times.)

3. When you get down to the last little bits, instead of letting them slide down the drain, use a soap saver bag to gather them all up. This handy little bag can hang in your shower which means that the soap gets to drain properly between washes.

The added advantage of a soap saver bag, particularly our Luxi Buff hemp bags, is that they also function as a skin exfoliator. Win win!

So there you have it... 3 Easy Ways to Save Your Soap".

"The most important thing is to thoroughly dry your soap out between uses.

If you have any tried and true tips for saving our soap I'd love to hear them

You can leave a comment below and help out your fellow handmade soap lovers!

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