Dont eat this! Thats how good this smells!!

A Luxurious way to moisturise your whole body our whipped butters have to be tried to be believed!. The intensely hydrating body butter will naturally nourish and soothe. It simply melts into your skin on contact...a little goes a long way!

A delicious blend of ripened mango & juicy papaya. Made from luxurious coconut oil, shea and cocoa butters this is a treat for your skin.

Come in three sizes of reusable glass jars

Mango & Papaya Body Butter

  • Whipped Body Lotion Care Instructions: As this Lotion is of a whipped consistency, keep out of hot temperatures. Do not keep in car. If product 'beads' oil (this is normal),place in fridge for a while. If this product does 'melt' it is still useable,it just won't have the whipped texture. Shelf life is around 1 year.