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Lanolin - shaving soap

Lanolin - shaving soap


Legs feeling a bit rough lately?

Got a bad case of the hedgehog prickles?

Try a more luxury moisturising way to rid yourself of unsightly hair. 

Lanolin is extremely hydrating and has the ability to soften skin to help improve the appearance and the feel of rough, dry, or flaky areas.

It also helps with the glide of the razor... smooth as!



"Good for you, Good for our world"


NO Palm Oil. NO preservatives. NO sulphates. Cruelty FREE.


Price is for one bar of soap


For external use only.

  • Ingredients

    Saponified Olive oil, Organic Coconut oil, Shea Butter, Neem and Castor oil. Distilled water, Lanolin and therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  • To Use

    Work up a good lather between your hands and apply to area needing shaving.

    Use your blade of choice to remove unwanted hairiness! 

  • Care Instructions

    Due to the high content of butters and oils, if cold process soap is left in a puddle of water in your shower or near your sink, it will get mushy and shorten your usage.

    Keep in a well drained soap dish to prolong soap life.

    Caution: May cause shower to become slippery!

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