Bliss Bath Shotz are just that. Blissful! Unwind after a long day with a warm soak and add your favourite bath shotz for that extra something. Bliss is made with soothing epsom salt, himalayan sea salt and pink clay with added rose essential oil. This bath shot is designed to help remineralize, exfoliate and soften skin

*DO NOT USE if you are allergic to sulphur. Epsom Salt has high levels of sulphur.

*Take care when pregnant, do not bathe in very hot water and stay hydrated during a bath.



Bliss Bath Shotz

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  • Add 4-5 teaspoons to a running bath.

    Replace cork and store in a dry place.

    30 gram reusable glass jar with cork and bamboo teaspoon.

    At least 2-3 baths in each jar


  • *Epsom Salt *Himalayan Sea Salt *Pink Clay *Grated Soap *Dried Rose Petals *Essential Oil of Rose Geranium

    Epsom Salts are rich in magnesium and sulphates

    Himalayan Salt is the purest form of salt and contains all 84 elements found in your body!

    Pink Clay is rich in silica and helps leave skin silky soft and smooth

    Grated Soap is delicious leftovers from Luxi Buff Soaps. Helps provide bubbles and a great scent!

    Dried Rose Petals have antibacterial properties

    Rose Geranium Essential Oil has antioxidant and anti-aging properties.